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August 16, 2019
Issue No. 74



Dear Readers,

I have a very exciting announcement to make. I have just launched a brand new tool that allows you to lookup how to clear an emotion using essential oils. It works on mobile as well as PC, and is very easy to use. I hope that you will try it out and let me know what you think. There is a place for feedback, please use it. On your phone or computer, simply go to BodyType.com/oils. I hope you find this new tool a useful alternative to carrying the "Blue Book", Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, around.

Dieting easily becomes a cyclical pattern, which can be unhealthy for the body. An alternative to frequent dieting is eating right for your body type so that "dieting" isn't necessary. This month I explain why eating right for your body type is a healthful alternative.

Thymus body types are tall or very tall, and have a well-meaning, take-charge endeavor that may be perceived by others as controlling.

Live Your Passion Essential Oil can be used to release Self-Betrayal, transmuting it into Self-Expression.

As always, I hope and trust that these newsletters help you enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
In This Issue:

Losing Weight for your Body Type

The Thymus Body Type

Live Your Passion Essential Oil for Releasing Self-Betrayal

The "Blue Book" is Now Available On-The-Go
oils_book_cover.jpg Do you sometimes wish you had access to the "Blue Book" while on-the-go? Or that you had a fast way to lookup the essential oil and clearing steps for an emotion you are experiencing?

Great news - now you can!

Use your computer, tablet or smart phone to visit BodyType.com/oils.

You can enter the name of an oil you are drawn to, an emotion you are experiencing, or a body alarm point that's sending you a message. You will be shown all the clearing information - including the body charts for the alarm points.


Losing Weight for your Body Type

Do you wonder why that diet that worked so well for your friend doesn’t work for you? Have you struggled to stay on a diet, then blamed yourself for lack of will power? Chances are it’s actually the diet that’s faulty – not you.

It’s most likely that the diet you tried did not support your body type. There are 25 different body types – so that diet was probably created by someone whose body type is different from yours. This one fact is the reason there is so much controversy and disappointment in diet books and in the diet industry.

What’s Wrong with My Diet?

The diet industry started out by studying the people who were able to lose the most weight the quickest. These people became known as the Star Dieters, and they are the Adrenal body type. Consequently, the classic weight loss diet consists of eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt and cottage cheese. If you happen to be an Adrenal body type who has not exhausted their adrenal glands, this works great.

If however, you happen to be one of the 24 other body types, meaning your dominant gland is not your adrenals, the classic weight loss diet does not work for you. With so many other weight loss diets to choose from, I had patients who followed other diets and were able to lose weight as well. Unfortunately, all too many would lose the weight only to put it right back on.

The problem lies in knowing what to eat once you choose to rejoin society and add more variety to your diet. The all-too-frequent pattern is to put the weight back on. This is why I initially wrote Different Bodies, Different Diets. I saw a lot of patients who would follow a diet and lose weight but didn’t know how to eat to keep the weight off when the diet ended.

Are Body Type Diets Really That Different?

Your body type diet tells you what kind of diet is best for losing weight, and what are the foods and eating plan to best support your body for optimal health and vitality. It’s designed to be an on-going plan for maintaining optimal weight and consistent energy levels, making “dieting” unnecessary. So what are some of the differences between body type diets?

The time of day you ideally eat your largest meal varies significantly according to your body type. The Adrenal body type does best with a light breakfast of fruit or yogurt, a moderate lunch and a larger dinner when they are able to relax and enjoy it. The Pituitary body type, on the other hand, needs to eat the majority of their food by 2 pm. Steak and eggs is a great breakfast for the Pituitary body type as they need to move their energy down into their body by stimulating their adrenal glands. However, when an Adrenal has steak and eggs for breakfast, the beef overstimulates their adrenal glands, and they will eat all day long. Pituitaries do not digest protein well in the evening, so something light like fruit or a salad is perfect.

Another difference between body types is the size and frequency of meals. There are a number of body types, such as the Thyroid and Eye, that are better eating a number of smaller meals throughout the day rather than a larger meal at breakfast or dinner. Fortunately, both the Thyroid and Eye are quite adaptable, when healthy, and can adjust their eating schedules to accommodate the activities of the day.

Consumption of fats is another key difference between body types – with some body types working opposite to conventional thinking. One woman decided she was going to focus on her diet once she retired, so she reduced her dietary fat content and ate what she thought were healthy meals. Being a Gallbladder body type, she gained rather than lost weight. Conventional thinking is that reducing fats (which contain more calories than protein or carbohydrates) is a good approach to reducing overall caloric intake. Although it works well for Brain and Medulla body types, it proved disastrous for Gallbladder, Blood and Eye body types.

High protein diets work well for the Liver, Spleen, Stomach and Thymus body types. The Gonadal, Heart, and Skin could do it for a short term of up to two weeks before their bodies would rebel and they would start craving other foods. The Hypothalamus would have a difficult time since they do best with nuts, seeds and lighter protein like shell fish. Pineals are better off with lighter proteins, such as fish, at dinner, as they are easier to digest.

Choice of foods is a major difference between body types. The 25 Body Type System goes into great detail for each body type with extensive lists of foods that ARE or are NOT supportive for each body type. Nearly all body types have “exceptions” that defy conventional dietary beliefs. The Blood body type is stressed by olive oil, while the Pancreas body type loves it. Grapefruit is excellent for the Gallbladder body type, but not for the Skin or Spleen body types. Almonds are great for Thyroids, but stressful for the Thalamus and Pineal types. While the Thymus body type can eat 4 eggs a day 6 days a week, Adrenal body types need to limit red meat and eggs because they naturally generate so much cholesterol.

When I was in chiropractic college, I changed my traditional mid-west diet by eliminating beef and bread. I focused instead on brown rice and vegetables. The results were rewarding, I lost the abdominal bloating and the extra 10 pounds I had been carrying. Over the years I focused on cheese as my protein source and regained the 10 pounds, but this time they went to my thighs. In addition, my immune system started breaking down. When I re-introduced fish and fowl, I was able to drop the extra 10 pounds and rebuild my immune system. I had read a diet book which identified me as a Thyroid body type. When I started implementing these principles into my practice, I found a lot of gaps which eventually lead me to the 25 body type system.

Do you tend to eat the same foods 3 or 4 days in a row? Then switch to a different food and repeat the pattern? This is known as rut eating and is characteristic of the Pancreas body type. Eating the same food day after day, or even eating the same daily breakfast at the same time every day, depletes pancreatic enzymes. The Eye body type tends to find the foods they like and eat the same things, because they don't want to have to think about it. After years of this pattern, the Eye needs to focus on variety and rotation of foods.

Why is My Body Type Diet Better Than Other Diets?

The problem with the majority of diets and the reason they are so difficult to maintain, is that they are based on deprivation. Whether it is calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats or time of day, it is still a deprivation that the body interprets as famine. Once the diet (famine) is over, the body wants to put on not only what was lost, but extra to prepare for the next famine; which is why yo-yo dieting does not work.

Your body type “diet” is really an individualized eating plan meant to support your body – increased energy, stamina and health. When you are eating right for your body type, food cravings go away, and it’s much easier to maintain an acceptable weight level than putting your body through cycles of dieting that can be taxing.

Discover your body type today and begin your path to a healthier, happier you.

Discover Your Body Type:

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Intro to The 25 Body Type System



Are You a Thymus Body Type?

Are you tall with a forceful presence? Do you have a well-meaning, take-charge demeanor that is sometimes perceived as controlling? Do you tend to be idealistic, evaluating everything in black-and-white?
Then you may be a Thymus body type.


Celebrities with Thymus body type include Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone, Jerry Hall, George H.W. Bush, James Cameron, and Omarosa Manigault.

Are you a Thymus body type? You might be, if:
  • You are loyal and highly protective of your own
  • You prefer life and your environment to be constant except for change that you instigate, as you are generally resistant to change
  • Your fulfillment comes from achieving personal challenges
  • You prefer to be in control because everything goes better when you’re in charge, and you expect others to accommodate you
  • You can be idealistic, and evaluate everything in black and white (good or bad)
  • You are tall and have a forceful presence
  • You are particularly strong-willed, determined and practical
  • You have a well-meaning, take-charge demeanor – sometimes perceived as controlling

If this describes you, you could be a Thymus body type.


Women with the Thymus body type are tall to very tall, with a long-limbed appearance. They are average- to long-waisted, with a straight-to-defined waist. Weight gain occurs in lower body, beginning in lower abdomen, waist, upper thighs and possibly upper hips.

Thymus men are tall to very tall, generally at least 5' 11", with a somewhat lanky appearance, and shoulders are broader than their hips. Abdominal musculature is solid, and muscular definition in torso is easy to attain. Initial weight gain is a solid thickening around the waist, with no gain in the abdomen.


Just as the thymus gland eliminates unknown protein - generally bacteria and viruses - to keep the body's internal environment safe, Thymus body types stabilize their environment. They are protective of their own and go to great lengths to keep their environment constant, generally resisting change of any kind. Judging everything as good or bad, right or wrong, makes maintaining a constantly stable environment easier. Because being safe is generally associated with known situations, they have a deep-seated fear of change. Their innate desire to protect and keep life constant gives rise to a sense of loyalty and responsibility that towers above that of most other body types.

Personality, Relationships & Career

The primary nature of Thymus body types is Mental / Physical. (Read more about the Points of Connection.)

Thymus types are particularly strong-willed, forceful, and determined. Being very practical, they like things they can see and touch that preferably have been proven over time. Thymuses are most comfortable when their lives are steady and constant with the only changes being those they have instigated.

Known for having particularly high standards and high expectations, especially of themselves, Thymuses are often idealistic perfectionists. They like to be in charge, and will often control through their energy or presence. Generally tall, their size alone is often intimidating to people.

Their primary concern is to protect themselves and those they care about. In their pursuit of self-protection, Thymus types strongly embrace the tried and true, and what’s been established. They tend to see everything as either black or white, or one way or the other, with little consideration for in-betweens, degrees, shades, probabilities, or compromises. They can be very one way about seeing or doing things, and that is usually their own way.


For Thymus body types, exercise is essential, as it activates the immune system. Exercise should be for at least 15 minutes daily, any time of day. Thymus body types need sunlight, so outdoor activity is especially beneficial.

For more on exercising specifically for your body type, see the August 2017 Newsletter.

Nutrition, Diet & Weight Management

Thymus body types do well when including protein with breakfast and lunch, and avoiding fruit at breakfast. Lamb and rye support the thymus gland and the immune system. Seeds, nuts, vegetable and olive oil are very supportive. To lose weight: eliminate refined sugar, including fruit juices and alcohol; minimize bread; and avoid all dairy except butter.

Thymus is NOT one of the body types that can thrive on a vegetarian diet. For more about body type and vegetarianism, see the February 2018 Newsletter.

To lose weight, eliminate all sugar, alcohol, honey, and artificial sweeteners; avoid frut juice, minimize bread and butter.

cover_adrenal.jpg Complete nutritional information including food lists for the Thymus body type can be found on the Thymus Quick Reference Card.

Core Emotional Issues

Each of the 25 body types encounters certain core emotional issues or lessons to overcome in life. For Thymus, these are:
  • Fear of Anger - released with Purification Essential Oil, "My direction is clear", transmutes to Laughter
  • Fear of Failure - also released using Peppermint Essential Oil, "I accept growth", transmutes to Unfoldment
  • Fear of Losing - also released using Valor Essential Oil, "I am aware", transmutes to Growth
  • Fear of Being Wrong - also released using Release Essential Oil, "I am true to my source", transmutes to Knowingness
  • Fear of Abandonment - also released using Lavender Essential Oil, "I learn from all of life's experiences", transmutes to At-One-Ment

To learn more about the Thymus body type, review past newsletter articles about the Thymus body type.

Don’t know your body type yet?
Determining your body type is easy using my online body type test:


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Live Your Passion Essential Oil
for Releasing Self-Betrayal

The ultimate deterrent in Living your Passion is Self-Betrayal. Self-betrayal is betraying the essence of who you are. Self-betrayal can come from not being honest with yourself or blaming others for the situation you find yourself in. Sometimes self-betrayal arises from not giving yourself the time and space to think, to let your inner self speak, to get in touch with how you really feel.

The fastest way to move out of a limiting state is to identify where you want to be – essentially, identify your goal. The other side of Self-Betrayal is Self-Expression. Self-Expression requires getting in touch with your true self, your divine essence, essentially your divinity. The gift of essential oils is they hold the positive frequency so applying and smelling them enables your cells to resonate with the desired frequency.

Affirmations provide a conscious bridge to move from one emotion to its opposite polarity. The other side of self-betrayal is self-expression and the way to achieve self-expression is “I live my divinity.” Applying Live Your Passion on the Will point which is located on the middle of neck at the 5th cervical releases self-betrayal from your cellular memory. The emotional points on the forehead connect with the emotional component.

Live Your Passion is a sweet, joyful blend of nine essential oils: Orange, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Lime, Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Peppermint.

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is known to enhance the appearance of healthy-looking skin, and Orange has a bright, energizing scent. This combination of oils creates an uplifting blend that supports an optimistic attitude and general enthusiasm for life.

Live Your Passion is one of the newly included oils in the 2019 Edition. If you have an older edition, the Addendums will bring you up-to-date with new oils and emotions added in 2019.

To learn more about the use of Essential Oils to release emotions, refer to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

oils_book_cover.jpg The 2019 Edition of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils contains 6 new oils and 16 new emotions.

If you have the 2018 Edition, these additions are available as the 2019 Addendum to bring you current. (Addendums for older editions are still availabile as well.)

Demonstration Video of Technique in
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils