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The 25 Body Type SystemTM

April 17, 2015
Issue No. 22



This month I highlight the 25 Body Type System. Knowing your body type helps you eat properly for your body type. Proper nutrition specific to you promotes a lifestyle (rather than a diet) that enjoys weight management, more energy and stamina, and an end to food cravings. But did you also know about the in-depth personality profiles and body type specific exercise recommendations? See below for more.

I also highlight the Stomach body type, and how to use Peace and Calming Essential Oil to release the emotion Fear of Losing Control, which is a core emotional issue common to the Stomach body type.

I hope and trust that all topics I present this month will help you enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Carolyn Mein
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Eat Right for your Body Type (plus additional Benefits)

Peace and Calming Essential Oil to Release Fear of Losing Control

You might be a Stomach Body Type if …

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Eat Right for your Body Type
plus additional Benefits
The great diet myth is that “one-diet-fits-all.” Popular dieting and weight management programs are marketed this way, but not everyone experiences the same results. This is because our bodies have nutritional needs that are very different. In fact, a dietary change that results in weight loss for one body type can have the opposite result – weight gain – in other body types. For example, while most diets encourage reduced fats, the Eye and Gallbladder body types will actually gain weight on a low fat diet.

Once people realize that popular diets don’t work well for them, the next step is often a trainer or nutritionist for a more personalized plan, again with mixed results. The reason is that we have different body types with different nutritional needs. When these needs are not met we experience weight changes, loss in energy and stamina, food cravings, and decreased overall health.

As a physician, my goal was to identify how to recommend lifestyle eating plans tailored to individuals. I wanted to understand what foods and eating patterns would properly support a person’s overall health and vitality, with plenty of energy and stamina, while eliminating those nagging food cravings. That’s what led to my discovery of the 25 Body Type System.

The 25 Body Type System provides the tools to customize your own weight management.


I’m sure you’ve heard of different body shapes or body type systems: eating right for your blood type; ayurvedic or dosha types (vata, pitta and kapha); somatype (endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph); body shape (android, thyroid, gynaeiod and lymphatic); and body type (adrenal, gonadal, thyroid and pituitary). You can read a comparison of these and others on my website.

The 25 Body Type System is based on the dominant gland, organ or system in a person’s body. For example, in the lymph body type, the lymphatic system is dominant. When the dominant gland, organ or system is properly supported nutritionally, the entire body functions better, because other organs are not straining to support it. Health, energy and vitality are improved, and food cravings stop.

You have your body type for life – it does not change during your lifetime. It is a trait that can be identified even in young children.

After working with thousands of patients, I have learned that different body types have distinguishing physical characteristics. Weight gain patterns, height, build, and many other physical characteristics are consistent among people sharing the same body type. This is a good place to start in determining one’s body type.

For example the Medulla body type is characterized by thick heavy eyebrows which tend to grow together. Medulla men have a short forehead and thick hair, seldom balding with age. Pineal body types have a small head in relation to the body, while Pituitary types have a large head.

Adrenal men have the classic football linebacker build – broad shoulders with heavy, solid muscalature. The body types that are considered to be the most attractive and generally featured as magazine models (both men and women) are the Gonadal, Kidney and Lymph types. These women are characterized by their flat stomachs, prominent buttocks and shapely thighs.


I titled my book Different Bodies, Different Diets because each body type has unique nutritional needs. This is because each of the 25 dominant glands, organs and systems that define each body type have different nutritional needs.

Timing of meals can make a difference. Some body types assimilate protein best at different times of day. The Pituitary body type is best consuming dense protein before 2:00 PM, when their energy is highest, and may be prone to digestive issues or weight gain when eating protein for dinner. By contrast, Stomach and Adrenal body types can eat protein-rich dinners, as they have more energy to digest heavy protein later in the day.

Even exercise varies by body type. The Adrenal body type does well with late afternoon exercise, which helps release the adrenalin built up during the day, whereas the Lymph body type is best with early morning exercise to get the lymphatic system activated and moving. The Intestinal body type benefits most from exercise between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

For several body types – Adrenal, Eye, Lymph, Nervous System and Thymus – exercise is essential as it activates the immune system. For other body types, the greatest benefit from exercise is emotional. While Pancreas body types need to exercise to lose weight, it is difficult to stay with a program unless there is social interaction. Stomach body types release stress through exercise. The Brain, Heart, Intestinal and Thyroid body types derive physical benefit from exercise, but it is not their highest priority since it is not vitally essential to their immune or emotional well-being.


While diet was my primary focus in discovering the 25 Body Type System, I am amazed at the power and significance of the personality profile. Just as each dominant gland, organ and system regulates nutritional requirements, weight gain and physical appearance, it defines our personality. For example, the purpose of the thymus gland is to protect the body from outside invaders or pathogens, like bacteria, fungi and viruses. White blood cells, known as “killer T-cells” are manufactured in the thymus and act as police to keep the body safe. Their job is to identify protein molecules as either friend or foe.

When the molecules are identified as friend, meaning part of the body itself or supportive to it like food, the thymus protects them. If the molecule is identified as foe, the thymus will attack and destroy it. A characteristic of the Thymus body type is to be extremely protective of its own.

Thymuses have a strong sense of judgment and like to be in control. They expect perfection especially of themselves and people they care about. They are generally tall and born leaders.

The nature of the stomach is to surround the food once it enters, turn up the heat with HCl (hydrochloric acid), churn it and break down the food. Once the food has been broken down as much as possible, the stomach sends it on its way and waits for the next meal. The nature of the Stomach body type is to fully surround whatever or whomever it is focusing on. If it is a project, the Stomach will examine it from all sides and learn all it can, chewing the data and talking about it, not only to be able to complete the challenge, but to be able to explain and teach it.

When it is a person or relationship, the Stomach will energetically surround the person to where the person feels totally loved. The problem is when the Stomach focuses their attention on something else, the person can feel abandoned because the energy shift is so dramatic. The Stomach body type is characteristically very passionate about whatever they are involved in and loves a challenge.

The personality profile reaches to the core of one’s essence. It literally takes 20 years of self-discovery and distills it into 4 pages. The comment I hear most often is “You just met me, how can you know me so well?”

The personality profile identifies not only what motivates you, but the traits that define you and how these traits look when expressed on the “at worst” as well as the “at best”. The “at best” shows you your strengths compared to you. These are realistic expectations for you, not you compared to someone else. By knowing your strengths, you can select a career that is in line with what gives you the greatest sense of fulfillment.

Knowing yourself allows you to choose relationships that support you and understand the rest.


Many of my readers are very familiar with Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. Emotions that tend to hold us back in life and stressful relationships can be released through understanding and awareness. Adding the corresponding essential oil holds the positive frequency enhancing change. While we all have all of the emotions, I have found that each body type shares specific core emotional issues that are more of a challenge to them than they are for members of other body types.

For example, Abandonment is a core issue for the Adrenal, Brain, Intestinal, Pituitary, Skin, Spleen, Stomach and Thymus body types. Other emotions are more of an issue for limited types such as the Blood body type which is acutely sensitive to disharmony, and the Thyroid body types who are affected by injustice.

When we release, learn from and transmute the emotions that challenge us, they become our greatest strengths, enabling us to live up to our potential and be truly happy.


The many benefits to knowing your body type extend beyond weight loss or weight management. Knowing your body type enables you to support your body for peak performance and health. The personality profile and core emotional issues provide additional, in-depth insight into what motivates you and provides a path to a happier life.

You can now determine your body type online in minutes with my body type test for women and men. Once finished, you will immediately receive an ebook with over 60 pages of detailed information for your body type. This includes food lists, menus, weight loss strategies, and personality profiles.

Don’t know your body type yet? Start here:

Peace and Calming to Release Fear of Losing Control
The emotion of Control (fear of losing) is stored in the stomach and is a core emotional issue for the Stomach body type.

The positive side of Control is Balance. The lesson, or way out of Control, is "I am content and blessed". Once you learn what you need from an experience, it shifts to where you are able to receive the good you deserve. The other emotions associated with Peace & Calming essential oil are Addiction, Argumentiveness, Being a Victim, Depression, Indecisiveness, Moodiness and Scared.

Peace & Calming essential oil promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace, helping to calm tensions and uplift spirits. It is a gentle, fragrant blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy essential oils with an aroma that’s comforting and freshens the air.

Suggestions for use include:
  • Rub 2 drops on the bottoms of the feet and on the shoulders before bedtime to help you get good quality sleep
  • Diffuse to calm overactive or hard to manage children
  • Mix with massage oil for a relaxing massage
  • Mix with bath gel in warm water for a relaxing bath
  • Diffuse while sleeping to help stop nocturnal teeth grinding
  • Rub on the stomach for soothing effect when upset or under stress
  • Diffuse to help calm animals; rub on the paws of pets to help them remain calm when traveling

For a demonstration of how to use essential oils to clear emotional patterns, click below to watch my video:

Are You a Stomach Body Type?

You might be a Stomach Body Type if:

  • Your passion, physical stamina, and intense mental focus enables you to accomplish your goals
  • You have an exceptional ability to step in and take charge
  • When you give someone your focus, they experience the feeling of being embraced
  • When dealing with a problem, you often talk it out, either alone or with others
  • Your communication is precise, articulate and strong – and others listen when you speak
  • You trust your intellect over your feelings and opinions, and are slow to consider new ideas
  • When dealing with people, tasks or situations, you focus your total energy on them, igniting your passion to experience things more intensely
  • You are very social and enjoy public recognition for your accomplishments
  • You have a strong desire to please others, which ultimately boosts your self-worth

If this sounds like you, you may be a Stomach Body Type!

Stomach Body Type celebrities include Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, Richard Burton, and Julia Roberts.

The Core Emotional Issues common among those with the Stomach body type are Abandonment (fear of), Conflict (fear of), Control (fear of losing), Inferiority, Stubborn, and Victim (being a). Peace and Calming is the essential oil blend used to release Control, which is stored in the stomach, and Victim which is lodged in the nerves.

Learn more about the Stomach Body Type

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... About Essential Oils

"I started participating in swim competition meets as a child. No matter how many meets I participated in, I would always experience anxiety. The way the anxiety affects me, is my feeling sick to my stomach.

"My son is now competing, so to control my anxiety, I started using the essential oil blend, Peace & Calming. I put the oil in the center of my palm in each hand, the Nerve points on the top of my shoulders, the Emotional points on my forehead, top and back of my head. I say to myself, “I am content and blessed” and “Peace, be still”. Now I am calm and relaxed during the meets.

- Melissa P.
Ocean Beach, CA
... About the 25 Body Type System

"In working through a deep and protracted neurological injury, knowing the “at best” and “at worst” tendencies of my type helped me have understanding and patience with myself: it gave me perspective when perspective was hard to come by."

- Deb J.
San Marcos, CA

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