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How Do You Spell (Back Pain) Relief?


When met Meg first came to see me she complained of low back pain and shoulder tension. As a writer she spent long hours at her desk, without periodic breaks. When she’d get up from her chair after several hours, she usually suffered stiff back muscles and tightened shoulders. She also admitted to being a “slumper” and had become concerned about her posture.

I introduced Meg to the Fitness Fun Ball, explaining how she could work the core muscles while sitting in front of her computer. By simply replacing her rigid chair with the Fitness Ball, Meg could easily integrate movement into her seating “stretches” and completely eliminate her symptoms. Between paragraphs or while contemplating her next choice of words, she learned how to rotate with the “Hula” exercise, incorporate shoulder rolls, perform the “Walkout”, and “bounce” around her ideas ― without leaving her seat!

After the first day’s use, Meg reported relief from the pain and a release of the stiffness in her shoulders. The stretching and lengthening movements helped relax her muscles and, she discovered, even helped the flow of her thoughts.

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After a severe exposure to toxic materials, I experienced panic attacks, hair loss, food intolerances, light and sound sensitivities, heart arrhythmia, tinnitus, major depression, and insomnia daily for over two years. Every day presented a major challenge just to commit to staying alive. When I'd almost given up, I learned of Dr. Carolyn Mein. I found her to be not only a skilled and dedicated professional but a caring partner and guide through the process of recovery. I have emerged from a life of nightmare to one full of joy, appreciation, and possibility. I went from feeling 90 years old to feeling 35. My advice if you're experiencing less than optimal health? Beat a path to Dr. Mein's door!
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