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Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

by Carolyn Mein, D.C.

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Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils (AKA “The Blue Book”) was re-released in March 2020 (16th Edition). It features 555 emotions and 167 essential oils.

If you have an older edition, one or more of these Addendums will bring you current (click link to receive immediately as an ebook):

2020 - 2022 Update (Includes new Emotions and Oils since 2020 Edition Publication)

2019 – 2020 Update

2018 – 2019 Update

2017 – 2018 Update

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How to Use the Blue Book

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The Emotional Clearing Worksheet

The Emotional Clearing Worksheet is a convenient tool when clearing emotions using Essential Oils. This is the same worksheet I use in my presentation demonstrations.

This is a PDF version of the form that you can print at home for each emotion you're clearing. To get this worksheet, subscribe for my newsletters (see right) and check the bottom box ("Clearing Emotional Patterns"). Or, click the picture to download it now.

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Clearing Emotional Patterns (form)

Where to Start

An ideal place to start clearing emotional patterns is with the Core Emotional Issues for your Body Type, if you haven't already resolved these earlier in life. Don't already know your body type? Click the button below to take your test:
Womens body type diet, female body types dietMens body type diet, male body types diet

Core Emotional Issues for each Body Type

The Adrenal Body TypeConflict, Failure, Abandonment, Facing the World
The Balanced Body TypeControl, Rejection, F--- you
The Blood Body TypeDisharmony, Conflict, Trapped
The Brain Body TypeAbandonment, Wrong Addiction, Abuse, Control, Inferiority, Failure
The Eye Body TypeEmotions, F--- you, Overwhelmed
The Gallbladder Body TypePast (Fear of repeating), Frustration, Resentment, Letting go
The Gonadal Body TypeIdentity, Repression, Not good enough
The Heart Body TypeLoneliness, Not good enough, Worry
The Hypothalamus Body TypeShame, Fear, Betrayal
The Intestinal Body TypeAbandonment, Not good enough, Rejection
The Kidney Body TypeLove, Fear, Misunderstood
The Liver Body TypeAnger, Rejection, Failure
The Lung Body TypeRejection, Abandonment, Stubborn
The Lymph Body TypeFear of being left behind, Difficulty finding identity
The Medulla Body TypeRestriction, Failure
The Nervous System Body TypeVictim, Anger, Control, F--- you
The Pancreas Body TypeWrong, Betrayal, Letting go
The Pineal Body TypeControl, Unknown, Restriction
The Pituitary Body TypeAloneness, Abandonment, Wisdom, Restriction
The Skin Body TypeCriticism, Abandonment
The Spleen Body TypeGuilt, Abandonment, Wrong
The Stomach Body TypeAbandonment, Control, Victim, Conflict, Inferiority, Stubborn
The Thalamus Body TypeDependence, Failure
The Thymus Body TypeAnger, Failure, Losing, Abandonment, Wrong, Inferiority
The Thyroid Body TypeSadness, Injustice, Speaking out, Failure, Misunderstood
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