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Releasing Blocked Emotional Patterns

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Do you often find yourself at the mercy of your emotions?

Do you find it difficult to circumvent negative emotional states?

Do you get pulled into the emotional whirlpool of those around you?

Do your negative emotions occasionally seem to be beyond your control?

Emotions have a negative or positive polarity. In actuality, we need to be able to access both polarities of all of our emotions to be fully alive. Avoiding situations which could cause us emotional pain limits our life experiences. The suppression of circumstances may ultimately manifest as physical or emotional pain.

A healthy way to experience a negative emotion is to turn to its positive side. For example, anger doesn’t have to have a negative effect. It can provide the impetus for necessary change, which is a positive outcome. The positive side of anger is laughter, which can release tension and reduce or eliminate stress.

Knowing your body type presents deeper personal insights beyond dieting, nutrition and exercise. It offers clues to your own psychological profile, behavior patterns, and emotional tendencies. Your body type even relates to your greatest life challenges.

Each of the body types in "The 25 Body Type System" holds a corresponding set of core emotional issues or challenges encountered more often than in other types. For example, people with the Stomach body type frequently face feelings of abandonment, fear of conflict, inferiority, or loss of control.

Through the use of specific essential oils applied to alarm points and reflex points on the body, core emotional issues can be released. The ancient Egyptians knew that essential oils, through the sense of smell, access the limbic system of the brain where emotions are seeded.

Various organs in the body have different vibrational frequencies which resonate with particular emotions. Essential oils corresponding to these frequencies can be utilized to access and release blocked or stored emotions in these organs. Habitual emotional reactions to trauma stored in the body for extended periods of time can be alleviated as well.
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Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

A Self-Help Guide to Your Emotions

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