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Case Study:
Sacrificing Health for Convenience

Microwave Cooking Could Be Making You Sick!

When Ted came to me, he complained of a problem he thought might indicate food allergies. Being nutritionally minded, he wanted to make sure he was eating right so he could eliminate the source of his discomfort. Ted had open sores, bright redness, and an extreme sensitivity had suddenly appeared in his mouth.

I first questioned Ted about his eating habits and we went through what he was eating. Then he told me he cooked all his food in a microwave oven. I checked his body’s response to microwaved foods through muscle testing, and the response was a definite “no.” I advised Ted to stop microwaving immediately and to notice if it had any effect on the redness in his mouth. One week later he came back to see me; the worst mouth sores I had ever seen were completely healed and he could eat anything without discomfort.

Ted was a classic example of someone with a sensitive body type who was dramatically affected by microwaved foods. There is enough evidence from controlled studies, as well as my personal observations, to support the premise that microwave ovens should not be used for cooking or even reheating foods.
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The diet system Dr. Mein recommended for me and my family has enlightened me. I used to be very concerned about my daughter's eating habits. She's a Kidney type; I'm a Gonadal type. Understanding our differences allows me to prepare meals that work for us both.
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Linda N.
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