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Case Study:
Is Your Best Friend Making You Sick?

It's Not Your Faults!

Sally and Lisa have been friends for years. They recently started getting together frequently, doing things they both enjoy. But Lisa began having difficulty keeping the pace set by her aggressive, robust friend. She came to me complaining of being tired all the time and having digestive problems which only seemed to bother her after she and Sally had been out to eat. Lisa was afraid her friend was having an adverse effect on her after all these years and it was a concern for her.

I determined Lisa's dominant gland and found she was a Thyroid, one of the more delicate body types. I asked her about her friend Sally, and what kinds of activities and events they attended. I also asked about the type of foods they ate when they were out together. I felt Sally might be an Adrenal, a stronger, more physically vigorous type. If this were true, it could be that Lisa was trying to match her lifestyle to Sally's. Because she wasn't supporting her own needs, it was beginning to wear her down.

I asked if Sally would come in for body typing. When she did, I determined my suspicion was true; Sally was indeed an Adrenal type. In their friendship, Sally was the pacesetter: energetic, enthusiastic, and physically oriented. She loved to eat steaks, spicy Mexican or Italian food, and those double double burgers at the local hamburger spot. Sally also liked participating in sports and activities which challenged her physically. She was never happier than when she found a new challenge and could "go for it" with gusto. It never dawned on Sally that Lisa wasn't enjoying these activities just as much as she was.

Lisa's idea of a nice time was having a Chinese dinner, seeing a good movie, then stopping afterwards for a gooey dessert. Sally preferred to play tennis or run so she could work off her stress for the day, then have a big steak dinner or Mexican or Italian food. Being the less forceful of the two, Lisa usually gave in to her friend and suffered the consequences.
Neither of them knew the disparity in their desired activity and eating habits was due to the differences in their body types. Thanks to their realization of these distinctions, Sally and Lisa continue to get together frequently and remain good friends to this day.
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