The 25 Body Type Diet provides ideal body type diets for men and womenThe Body Type Diet personalizes your path to healthy weight loss and nutrition for all 25 Body Types
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Products for a healthy lifestyle and protection from environmental hazards

Product Categories
Miracle II Soap
It's a soap ... cleaner ... degreaser ... and deodorizer... all in one!
Miracle II Moisturizing Soap
Nature's Miracle for the Face, Skin & Hair"
3rd Rock Sunblock
3rd Rock Sunblock - The strength of 35 SPF protection without the chemicals in a revolutionary sunblock lotion.
Thieves Household Cleaner
Eco-friendly, plant-based cleaning solution
Personal Rejuvenizer
Wearable EMF Protection
Quantum EnerCHI circle
Personal EMF Protection
EMF Neutralizer
Personal EMF Protection
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