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Chakra Harmony Essential Oils (8)

8 Calming Essential Oils with Carrying Case

Essential oils to stay balanced
Chakra Harmony Essential OilsThis convenient soft travel pack contains 8 essential oils (5/8 dram bottles), specifically chosen to maintain balance. The oils and their associated emotions are:

  • Joy - anxiety, grief, disappointment

  • SARA - abuse, expectations - 2nd chakra

  • Sacred Mountain - fear, injustice, compromising self - 3rd chakra

  • White Angelica - disharmony, loneliness, rejection - 4th chakra

  • Ylang ylang - drained, fear of wisdom, possessiveness - 5th chakra

  • Cedarwood - conceit - 6th chakra

  • Release - fear of success, loss of identity - 7th chakra

  • Idaho Balsam Fir - inadequate, scattered, separate - 8th chakra

Chakra Harmony Essential Oils (8)

$ 119.95
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