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Peaceful Warrior Essential Oils

Twelve Essential Oils with Carrying Case

Calm in a kit for coping with life's challenges.
Peaceful Warrior Essential Oils Kit (12 oils)This convenient soft travel pack contains 12 essential oils (5/8 dram bottles) specifically chosen to achieve calmness and clarity. The oils and their associated emotions are:

  • Common Sense - for rational decision making

  • Purification - for anger, rejection, being alone and negativity

  • Peppermint - for failure, dependence and restriction

  • Frankincense for feelings of worthlessness

  • Valor for conflict, aggression and inability to cope

  • Peace & Calming for stress and anxiety

  • Lavender for criticism and abandonment

  • Clarity for guilt, emotional stress and repression

  • Lemon for frustration, self-blame or regret, feeling stuck and for sadness

  • Juva Flex for blame, rebellion, feeling unsupported and unappreciated

  • Harmony - when feeling trapped, ignored, or for punishment and sarcasm

  • Highest potential for annoyance and feelings of "getting even"
Peaceful Warrior Essential Oils Kit (12 oils)

$ 149.95
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