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The 25 Body Type Diet provides ideal body type diets for men and womenThe Body Type Diet personalizes your path to healthy weight loss and nutrition for all 25 Body Types
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Different Bodies, Different Diets - Women's Edition

Women’s Edition

Diet is not primarily about discipline. It is foremost about body type.
Discover which of the 25 unique women’s body types is yours – and which diet works best for you. Groundbreaking diet research for women from Dr. Carolyn Mein.This groundbreaking guide enables you to determine your body type. Why is this important? Because your body type, based on your dominant organ/gland, determines which foods you process naturally and which ones "battle" your system to create your bulge.

Do you crave salty or sweet? Depends on your body type. Over 20 years of research and practical experience have led to the development and refinement of this revolutionary system. Enjoy your personal "Aha!" moment and gain a new and liberating understanding of your body and your eating habits.

Identify your body type and you will learn:
- Why you gain weight where you do
- How much fat you actually need
- Which protein sources are best for you
- How to maximize your energy
- Personality traits characteristic to your body type
- Best time of day for you to eat meals

Don't "waist" another minute. The answers to your diet questions and the solutions to your body's shape are in these pages.

Women’s Edition
ISBN 0-9661381-0-4
550 pages, Hardcover
Different Bodies, Different Diets – Women’s Edition

$ 29.95
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