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ZNAC Immune System Support Capsules
Zinc + Vitamin A + Vitamin C Supplement
From Professional Botanicals
ZNAC Immune System Support Capsules
Supports the body’s ability to build and maintain healthy immune defense and function.

This complex formula of Zinc and other nutrients like Vitamins A, C and Thymus Substance are all associated with immune response. The mineral Zinc is mixed with supporting ingredients for a quick immune boost and is also important for gland function, protein synthesis for energy and promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Supports healthy tissue regeneration, prostate health, the reproductive organs, and overall healthy metabolism.

Provides 320% DV Vitamin A (beta carotene), 1333% Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate), and 320% Zinc (chelate).

90 capsules, 45 servings.

non GMOGluten FreeVegetarian
$ 44.00