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Miracle II Soap

It's a soap ... cleaner ... degreaser ... and deodorizer... all in one!
Miracle II SoapMiracle II Soap cleanses your skin, your hair, and your home - even the laundry. One of the most amazing products that has ever been presented to mankind! Most of this spiritual product is from the dust of the earth, without the drawbacks and harsh ingredients of ordinary soaps and detergents.

Naturally concentrated and decontaminating. Dilute it to create solutions for light, medium, or heavy cleaning.

Miracle II products are concentrated and customers have reported you can dilute the Miracle II Soap into the following from a 22oz size bottle:
  • 384 gallons glass cleaner

  • 2 gallons dish washing soap

  • 50 gallons car or truck wash

  • 22-35 loads of clothes detergent

  • 50 gallons of carpet cleaner

  • 2 gallons oven cleaner or carport cleaner

  • 50 quart bottles of spot cleaner

  • 50 gallons of garden spray

  • 50 shampoos for your dog or cat

22 fl oz bottle
Miracle II Soap - 22 oz bottle

$ 18.00
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