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Premier Whey Protein Powder
Great tasting, 100% Premier Whey Protein
From Premier Research Labs
  • Power-packed, full bodied organic whey protein with a broad spectrum of naturally occurring amino acids
  • One of the only whey proteins produced using a ultra-low heat filtration process to preserve protein molecules
  • Premier quality and exceptional taste for your daily nutritional shake

Now, you can get all the great benefits of whey protein in Premium Whey Protein, one of the only whey proteins produced using ultra-low heat. It is produced using ultrafiltration at a very low temperature to preserve the broad array of protein molecules, including naturally occurring glycomacropeptides (GMPs).

Whey protein is a highly nutritious protein when sourced from high quality dairy milk. Milk contains two primary proteins: casein and whey protein. When cheese is produced, the liquid whey separates from the ‘curd’ or casein. The whey proteins are then separated from the liquid whey and purified to various concentrations of whey protein.

The great taste and quality of Premium Whey Protein™ makes it the perfect quality protein for your daily nutrition shake. This power-packed, full bodied protein has a broad spectrum of naturally occurring amino acids. It readily mixes with liquids and naturally delivers glycomacropeptides. It has a luscious, great taste that adds a creamy rich texture to any drink. Experience the difference with Premium Whey Protein!

Add 5 tablespoons daily to water, smoothies, or food.

7.4 ounces powder. Approx. 10 servings.

$ 23.00