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Body Type Self Training Course (Color)
Complete Self-Study Guide for Practitioners
Identifying your patient's body type and prescribing their ideal diet is a tremendous bonus to the service you already provide.
Complete self-study body training course with 6 CDs and workbook
Practitioners will learn how to distinguish body types for the benefit of their patients and answer specific questions such as: "What diet is best for me?" "Why does a diet work so well for my friend, but not for me?" "What time of day should I eat for peak performance?"

Imagine your patient's relief when they learn their dominant gland, organ or system controls their weight -- not their willpower! Identifying body type leads to achieving one's ideal weight and a heightened self-esteem. This information offers a tremendous addition to your expertise and practice.

The Body Type Self-Study Course includes CDs (6) containing descriptions of the distinguishing characteristics for each of the 25 body types, comparisons of contrasting types, how-to's for determining women’s and men’s body types, use of questionnaires, and a Key Food Indicator Chart for body type verification.

The Body Type Self-Study Course is a comprehensive five and one-half hour training on the 25 body types. Your purchase includes a 143 page body typing workbook, a detailed laminated chart, men's and women's questionnaires and vivid illustrations. You can beneficially enhance your knowledge with this value-added, life-affirming skill.

$ 199.95