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Premier Fermented Greens
Fermented Multi-Greens with Probiotics, Prebiotics, & Postbiotics - Promotes the Natural Alkalinity and pH of the Body
From Premier Research Labs
  • Fermented foods offer key benefits for daily peak health support
  • Pre-digested nutrients for better assimilation
  • Promotes an alkaline pH
  • Fermentation creates unique healthy compounds not present in the original plant
  • Improves vitamin/mineral bioavailability

“PRL’s signature FermExcel-100 line is an industry first!”

Premier Fermented Greens is a spectacular nutritional industry first. Our product provides a convenient, gluten-free, 100% fermented plant blend with live prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic activity. Our prized, vegan-friendly superfood features four types of carefully air-dried greens: Fermented Organic Barley Grass, Fermented Organic Oat Grass, Fermented Organic Kale, and Fermented Organic Chlorella. This blend provides a full spectrum of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that help promote the natural alkalinity and pH of the body. This masterpiece of prebiotics is scientifically backed with the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri to supplement the intestinal microbiome and promote overall health and well-being.

The fermentation of organic greens also generates highly desirable postbiotics. Generated from probiotic bacteria, postbiotic metabolites are the biochemical flux that can initiate thousands of chemical reactions in every cell throughout the body. These probiotic-produced postbiotic compounds play extraordinary roles in regulating and maintaining the body’s healthy internal microbiome.

Taking Premier Fermented Greens on a regular basis helps supply an entire spectrum of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to promote gut health.

Pure Vegan product. 150 plant-sourced capsules (30 servings).

OrganicGluten FreeVegetarian
$ 31.00