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Premier Fermented Turmeric Plus
Highly Absorbable Probiotic-Fermented Blend - Supports Liver & Digestive Health
From Premier Research Labs
  • Highly absorbable, probiotic-fermented blend
  • Supports liver health, digestion and cardiovascular function
  • Naturally contains phytochemical compounds with antioxidant properties

“PRL’s signature FermExcel-100 line is an industry first!”

Premier Fermented Turmeric Plus is a revolutionary, highly absorbable probiotic-fermented organic turmeric rhizome and organic fermented ginger powder in their full spectrum state, cultivated with our signature probiotic-fermented delivery system. This provides maximum bioavailability, digestion and absorption.
For centuries, turmeric has been the quintessential herb choice for promoting liver health, maintaining healthy digestion, supporting a healthy inflammatory response and cardiovascular health.

Turmeric naturally has a high concentration of active compounds known as curcuminoids. Curcuminoids have poor water solubility and poor permeability, which may result in low absorption rates in the gut and can also limit its systemic availability. By fermenting both organic turmeric and ginger with our unique probiotic culture, this process is able to predigest the herbs’ naturally occurring compounds to deliver the full spectrum of these highly desirable phytocomponents at their full activity and in their most bioavailable forms.

Pure Vegan product. 4.7 ounces, powder. 30 servings.

$ 25.00