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Chakra Harmony DVD

Release Stress, Calm Your Emotions and Lift Your Spirits - Naturally

Enliven your soul by gifting yourself this soothing tool.
Chakra Harmony DVDThis easy to follow DVD shows you how to balance your life energies to relax and relieve stress. Chakra Harmony combines visual and sound toning techniques to calibrate your body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Carolyn Mein and Alana Bogaarde guide you through this holistic Chakra balancing process to help you feel more positive and empowered. Use the DVD actively or as a calming backdrop for relaxing and revitalizing yourself and others. To further awaken your natural healing senses, combine use of this DVD with one of eight recommended essential chakra oils. Your senses will rejoice with spiritual nutrition!
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Chakra Harmony DVD

$ 24.95
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