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Healthy Habits KinoTox Foot Pads
Cleanses While You Sleep
Modern adults have hundreds of man-made chemicals lodged in our bodies. Normal healthy elimination processes cannot remove them all. Foods, drinks, breathing, medications, stress, metabolism, personal products applied to the skin, synthetics, home and workplace chemicals all contribute to the body’s toxic load.

Toxins cause adverse chemical and physiological reactions in the body. Toxins undermine our health by causing stress to our biochemical and organ functions. If toxins continue to accumulate on the body they can trigger the breakdown of the immune system and major internal organs. Unfortunately, toxins are unavoidable. They pose a serious threat to the quality of our health and life leading to poor health. For effective natural immunity the body needs to reach a balance between absorption of nutrients and excretion of wastes and toxins. Common-sense indicates that the sooner we remove naturally excreted toxins from the skin the better it is for our immunity.

26 years of research yielded the breakthrough discovery that wood vinegar essence from certain Asian trees, in combination with other natural ingredients, has the ability to absorb toxins that have been naturally excreted through the skin. What was brilliant was the idea of packaging this special formulation into adhesive pads that can be applied overnight to the soles of the feet where multiple acupuncture points interact with various detoxification channels of the body.

Reflexology practitioners understand that the foot is a map of the body’s internal organs. According to traditional eastern medicine, toxins in the body move downward, to the feet, due to gravity. KinoTox® Pads encourage and expedite the absorption from the skin of naturally excreted toxins. They work mainly on the lymphatic system (lymph is derived from blood, the watery constituents of which exude through the wall of lymph capillaries into tissues, conveying material for nourishment of the tissues and absorbing waste products (metabolic waste, fats, viruses, /bacteria etc.).

Negative ion output from the KinoTox® Pads: We have tested them at a peak of 1830 negative ions per cubic centimetre. A rain forest typically has an output of 300 – 600, therefore, an output of 1830 is exceptional. We guarantee a minimum of 1200. This feature and our high content of tourmaline is what sets KinoTox® Pads apart from other similar pads.

KinoTox® Pads were the original pads to be US lab tested and imported into the USA. Healthy Habits® was first to import pads with this formula over 15 years ago and they remain one of our top reordered products — because they work!

KinoTox® Pads are easy to use and produce visible results on the very first application. Simply attach them firmly to the feet before heading to bed and remove them in the morning. You can expect a sticky residue (from the lymphatic “fluid” that came out) on the soles of your feet in the morning, so have a hot soapy washcloth ready to wash your feet. The results will be visible and significant. Each box contains 10 pads, plasters and instructions.

$ 35.00