The 25 Body Type Diet provides ideal body type diets for men and womenThe Body Type Diet personalizes your path to healthy weight loss and nutrition for all 25 Body Types
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Mi-528 EnerCHI Tag

Structures beverages & foods, and neutralizes toxins
Mi-528 EnerCHI TagThe Mi-528 EnerCHI Tag is a proprietary energy blend with custom healing and affirmation codes which structures the water using the MI528 frequency. This frequency has been used by bio-chemists to repair damaged DNA. Mi-528 also has a special blend of micro and macro minerals. Place next to or under any drink or under a plate of food for about one minute. This structures liquids and food and neutralizes toxins. Putting a tag on your body can increase energy and alleviate pain or aid the body in fighting different issues.
Mi-528 EnerCHI Tag

$ 25.00
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