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Pure-Light Super Oxygen LED Light Bulb - A19 3-Way

Pure-Light Super Oxygen LED Light Bulb - A19 3-WayThis LED bulb will fit into standard light bulb sockets (A19). It produces 800 lumens (equivalent to a traditional 60-watt incandescent bulb) while using only 9-watts of current, and will last at least 13 times longer than incandescent bulbs, saving you money.

The light is a full spectrum bright daylight color (5000K), helping to lessen seasonal depression.

While turned on, a titanium dioxide coating produces super oxides and hydroxyl ions. It cleans and de-odorizes your home or office in ways traditionally possible only with harmful UV (ultraviolet) lights. It also:
  • Breaks down 99.9% of bacteria, virus, and mold
  • Breaks down indoor air pollutants
  • Dissolves pollen and other allergens
  • Destroys odors without masking them with fragrances
  • Uses 70% - 90% less energy than traditional bulbs
  • Emits “happy light” – full spectrum white light (5000K)
  • Lasts at least 10 years – don’t require replacement like traditional bulbs

Frosted white. One light bulb. 5-year warranty.
Pure-Light Super Oxygen LED Light Bulb - A19 3-Way

$ 42.00
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