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3rd Rock Sunblock

The World's First All-Natural, Non-Toxic, Aromatherapeutic Sunscreen

The strength of 35 SPF protection without the chemicals in a revolutionary sunblock lotion.
3rd Rock SunblockDr. Guerry Grune (PhD in Chemical Engineering), an avid world class surfer, found American sunblocks to be not only toxic to skin, but inadequate protection from skin cancer-causing carcinogens. He formulated 3rd Rock Sunblock as an all-natural, non-toxic product with essential oils which actually nourish the skin during use.

Since its primary active ingredient –zinc oxide – is inorganic, 3rd Rock Sunblock doesn’t break down in UV light, allowing for lasting protection. The non-greasy consistency doesn’t clog skin pores and does absorb quickly into the skin.

All Natural Sunblock SPF 35 natural sunscreen is formulated exclusively from food-grade sunscreen ingredients. Consequently, it prevents skin damage caused by BOTH the sun and the toxic compounds.

Like any traditional natural sunscreen lotion, 3rd Rock SunBlock SPF 35 natural organic zinc sunscreen offers UVA protection, and it prevents aging, wrinkling and skin cancer as well, if not better, than synthetic-based sunscreens. It does so by preventing the nuclear damage to cell DNA that causes mutation and, eventually, cancer because it blocks UVA and UVB rays, rather than only blocking UVB rays like many standard sunscreens. Research studies have shown that cancer cells develop in acidic environments. Due to these studies, 3rd Rock Essentials formulated All Natural SunBlock natural organic sunscreen to have an alkaline pH.

  • UVA/UVB skin care protection equal to SPF 35

  • Non-toxic (will not kill skin cells on contact)

  • Protects skin cells from becoming cancerous by strengthening cell walls

  • Includes essential oils to strengthen the skin’s immune response, even in sunlight, to repel infections and carcinogens

  • Optimal pH balance for skin’s alkalinity

  • Long-lasting, water-resistant protection

  • 100% natural and biodegradable, gentle on the environment

One 3.5 oz bottle.
3rd Rock Sunblock

$ 25.00
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