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EMF Neutralizer

Personal EMF Protection

For smartphones with internet connectivity
EMF Neutralizer Your body is like a radio receiver that absorbs harmful EMFs.

All appliances, computers, TV's, cell phones, radio, digital devices, air conditioners, lighting, power lines, communication lines, air waves, and radio waves produce damaging electromagnetic fields. These fields cannot be seen, but may be felt in the form of stress, headaches, sleeplessness, and moodiness. These frequencies interfere with the body's own electromagnetic operating system thus causing abnormal conditions and stress which may cause other more chronic and debilitating symptoms.

Computer monitors and TV screens emit frequencies ranging from extremely low rays to x-rays. The real danger here is from long-term exposure to those people working several hours a day at the computer for prolonged periods of viewing.

Some studies show that DNA is actually being significantly affected by harmful frequencies. Ionizing electromagnetic radiation carries enough energy per photon to break bonds in the genetic material of the cell, the DNA.

Cell phones have been cited as one of the sources of the highest amount of electromagnetic radiation and we carry them around everywhere we go. Therefore, it is of the utmost priority that we have shields from the radiation that these phones emit. Holding the phone right next to your brain can cause the most damage, and if you carry the cell phone in your pocket, it may harm the pelvic area and reproductive system. The terrible effects of these phones are almost unbelievable, and can cause irreparable, long-term damage.

EMF Neutralizer

$ 99.00
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