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The Skin Body Type

Skin body type diet, characteristics and personality traitsJust as the skin communicates between the inner and outside worlds, Skin body types communicate by using feelings to receive information. While they are generally very open to others and their environment, when stressed they retreat by detaching, disassociating, or essentially closing down and turning their focus inward. Strongly attached to and affected by their environment, Skin types have a strong connection with the earth, nature, and animals, which allows them to recharge naturally. Highly visual, they generally see, remember, and learn through pictures. Many are extremely sensitive, easily pickup up on subtle energies and vibrations, including sounds and voice inflections.
Celebrities with Skin body type include:
Queen Latifah, Kevin James, Luciano Pavarotti, Camryn Manheim, Sidney Poitier, Della Reese, Selena Gomez, Adele, Drew Barrymore, James Van Praagh

Skin Body Type Diet

Dietary emphasis - Focus on vegetables and simple combinations, like vegetables and protein, or vegetables and grains, rather than protein and grains, like sandwiches.† Eat fruit- except for dinner and mid-afternoon snack -† instead of refined cane sugar, as it causes muscle degeneration.

Foods - Brown or wild rice with vegetables.† Eat vegetables (may combine many vegetables); keep foods and meals simple.†† Eat melons alone.† Diet is back to nature, if you can hunt it, pick it, catch it or grow it, you can eat it.† If it is processed, avoid it.

Meals - Light breakfast, moderate-to-heavy lunch, which may include heavier protein.† Early dinner,† ideally by 6:00pm, light-to-moderate with protein, vegetables, grain, nuts, seeds and/or legumes, but no fruit.† Dairy foods often interfere with memory; especially avoid them for dinner.

Exercise - The best exercise is stretching.† You can easily build muscle mass.

Sample List of Foods for Skin Body Types to Eat Seldom:

Eggs (alone), milk, frozen yogurt, ice cream, goat cheese, grapefruit, hone, sugar, saccharin, artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet, mayonnaise, margarine, chocolate desserts, caffeinated beverages such as coffee or diet sodas.

Full details of the adrenal body type diet including food lists, sample menus, exercise and weight loss tips are found in the Skin Body Type Profile and Diet Booklet and ebook.

Skin Body Type Personality Profile

Skin body types are sensitive to emotions, subtle energies and vibrations, they communicate through feeling and touch
I am physically oriented and feel connected to nature. The weather affects my moods. I am sensual and romantic with a lust for life. I love simple pleasures like the taste of food, the sound of music, and bright colors. I enjoy my sense of touch and love how things feel. I learn best from visual or multi-sensory methods. I am open, warm and receptive, making others feel safe and appreciated. I love and respect life and all its creatures.

I tend to gain weight as a protective barrier, due to my sensitivity to the moods and feelings of those around me. My sensitivity causes me to take the responses of others too seriously. I tend to disconnect, leaving others feeling abandoned, or thinking Iím angry with them. My sensitivity to disapproval and rejection often causes me to keep ideas to myself. Creativity is an important motivator for me, and when things become too routine or conventional I feel bored or frustrated.
I am a highly visual person, and I generally see, remember, and learn through pictures. I am extremely sensitive to subtle energies and vibrations, including sounds and voice fluctuations. I have a strong connection with the earth, nature and animals, which allows me to recharge naturally. I have a good sense of humor and I like to play. I communicate by using feelings to receive information. I am generally very open to others and to my environment, but when stressed I retreat by detaching, disassociating, and turning my focus inward.

There is no greater thrill than discovery, and the most thrilling discoveries are those that emotionally benefit me and those around me. I like to express my discoveries in a physical, tangible form, preferably something that feels good. I acutely feel the emotions of others, and enjoy making others feel good. I love being touched.

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Mens body type diet, male body types diet
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