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The Hypothalamus Body Type

Hypothalamus body type diet, characteristics and personality traitsJust as the hypothalamus gland is responsible for the involuntary functions necessary for life (regulating the heartbeat, body temperature, blood pressure, metabolism, and blood-sugar levels, as well as the pituitary gland, for example). Hypothalamus body types have an intense sense of responsibility for their behavior. They seem to be intuitively aware of the significance of their actions and have a need for accuracy in all they do. Consequently they approach life with a certain caution. They generally gather all the necessary tools, study the directions, and formulate a plan before starting a project.
Celebrities with Hypothalamus body type include:
Christopher Reeve, Meg Ryan, Meredith Baxter-Birney, Tony Robbins, Meg Whitman, Tom Brady, Ben Affleck, Caitlyn Jenner, Vince Vaughn, Shaquille O'Neal, Prince William, Steve Harvey, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Dennis Rodman, Samuel L. Jackson

Hypothalamus Body Type Diet

Foods - Emphasize cheese, nuts, seeds, and vegetables at lunch.  Raw vegetables are best at lunch; cooked vegetables at dinner.  Broccoli, zucchini and yellow squash should always be eaten raw.  Eat more raw than cooked vegetables.

Meals - Breakfast is ideally late, between 9 and 10 am, with fruit and protein.  Lunch between 1 and 2 pm with raw vegetables, salads, nuts and seeds.  Dinner between 6:30 and 9 pm as a  cooked meal with steamed vegetables.  Avoid fruit for lunch and dinner.  Rotate foods.

Exercise - Facilitates physical integration, gives the mind a rest, and allows centering.  Works best when recreational; otherwise it tends to become a low priority.

Sample List of Foods for Hypothalamus Body Types to Eat Seldom:

Frozen yogurt, ice cream, goat cheese, raw cashews, rye bread and crackers, butter lettuce, cantaloupe, apple juice, artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet, mayonnaise, margarine, dark chocolate.

Full details of the adrenal body type diet including food lists, sample menus, exercise and weight loss tips are found in the Hypothalamus Body Type Profile and Diet Booklet and ebook.

Hypothalamus Body Type Personality Profile

Hypothalamus body types are characterized by extremes, completely immersing themselves in a project or endeavor, then transferring their energy to something else
I totally immerse myself in activities and endeavors, to the point of being a crusader. Once finished, I switch to the next subject that captures my interest. This typifies my approach to relationships, travel, inner realization, and career. Extremes are common. I have a deep curiosity about nature and how things work. I am comfortable in the world of concepts and ideas. My natural logic, decisiveness, commitment and determination assist me in professional success. I am quick thinking and see the big picture.

When immersed in what interests me, I am able to travel to my inner depths and connect integral parts of my being. In this way I learn to rely on my own inner guidance, rather than conventional standards and opinions. This cycle is fulfilling to me. I am self contained and independent, and this is often perceived as a difficulty with self-disclosure.
I have an intense sense of responsibility for my behavior. I can have an intuitive sense of the significance of my actions, and I feel a need for accuracy in all that I do. Because of this I approach life with a measure of caution. I generally gather all the necessary tools, study the directions, and formulate a plan before starting a project. I can become completely immersed in a project, then transfer all my energy to something else. I am characterized by extremes, and tend to go through phases.

Challenges provide the focus I need to go to the depths, immersing myself in an endeavor which ultimately develops another trait of self that I can share with the world. My strong analytical mind and sensitive intuition allows me to excel in the creation of companies, financial empires, or a way of life to benefit myself first, then mankind.

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