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Medium Fitness Fun Ball

For exercising and strengthening core abdominal muscles

Tired of endless situps? Plagued with lower back discomfort? Sit down for a sleeker, tighter tummy!
For exercising and strengthening core abdominal musclesSit on a Fitness-Fun-Ball for an easy, enjoyable solution! The Fitness-Fun-Ball can help you exercise your body's core muscles -- your pelvic floor, lower back and your abdominals -- every time you sit down. It's a safe, fun way to target your body's power center, improve your posture and feel great.
You'll sit on a cushion of air, gently rocking your pelvic muscles into perfect alignment. Each slight rocking movement will strengthen your core muscles, toning and firming your stomach and lower back. You'll finally have the flat stomach muscles you've always wanted -- and you'll free yourself from lower back discomfort.
Quit suffering though endless sit-ups -- and sit down on a Fitness-Fun-Ball today!

Be sure to also purchase Core Fitness, Dr. Mein’s DVD demonstrating how to use the Fitness-Fun-Ball.

This 65cm heavy duty ball is for persons 5’3” to 6’ tall.

Air pump sold separately.
Fitness-Fun-Ball (65cm)

$ 29.95
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